“Reiki has helped me tremendously on my personal healing journey & I look forward to sharing it’s gifts with you” 

- Corinna 

About Us

Corinna is a certifed Reiki Practitioner with The Rieki Training Institute. In addition to working one on one with private clients she volunteers with Cedars Sinai Spirtual Care Department providing Reiki to patients & staff. 

How Reiki Can Help You

 Creates deep relaxation by calming the mind & relaxing the body.

 Calms the nervous system, reduces anxiety, releases tension & stress.

 Relieves emotional & physical pain.

 Opens you to love & acceptance & promotes feelings of well being. 


What an amazing reiki experience. Corinna is fantastic. She is down to earth, warm, funny & WOW, can she deliver a reiki healing. I spent approximately an hour on her massage table as she gave me my reiki healing. I was completely comfortable thoughout the session & was extremely relaxed. My dog, who is skeptical of a lot of people who visit came in from the backyard & sat near her with a smile. After Corinna finished I felt like I just had an hour massage.  My voice was even a few octaves lower.  We chatted for a few minutes as she had me drink a glass of water. She seemed more pleased than I was about the calming effects, but you will find that’s just how she is. She’s happy to give you a healing & happy that her facilitation in your healing has given you a profound experience. My dog even fell asleep during the reiki session & contiued to nap well after she left my house. My home was left with a loving energy that lasted for days. I’ve already booked another session with Corinna. Can’t wait!  - KM

My  daughter suffers from severe anxiety & depression. I have been taking her to see Corinna for over a year now & she loves her sessions. They really help to calm & relax her. - SA

I always look forward to my reiki sessions with Corinna. They calm my mind & relax my body. - JA


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Feel free to contact us with any inquiries you may have. We look forward to sharing the experience of reiki with you. 

Infinite Reiki by Corinna LaRocco

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Empowered Living EXPO

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11 am - 9 pm

Newmont Center for Balanced Living